Black Friday is Just Around the Corner

Black Friday

Black Friday is Just Around the Corner – Are You Prepared?

The Friday immediately following Thanksgiving is traditionally known as Black Friday. This craziest of all shopping days kicks off the Christmas holiday season.

Do You Have the Best Credit Card to Meet Your Holiday Needs?

The holidays are a wonderful time of year.. filled with warm memories, laughter, and getting together with family and friends. However, the Christmas holidays can also prove to be very costly.   Finding the best way to deal with the additional expenses of the holidays will help to make them less stressful.

Shopping the Black Friday sales is one way to save money on the things on your Christmas list, but the utter pandemonium of this day is certainly not for everyone.

For most of us, choosing the best credit card to use during this time can allow us to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience, without having to deal with the complete chaos and disorder that is Black Friday.

Pay 0% Interest for Up To 18 Months on Your Black Friday Purchases:

If you are good at budgeting, finding a credit card that gives you 0% interest for 12 to 18 months or more will allow you to get all those holiday extras and pay off your purchases without paying a penny in interest.

By having an entire year (or more) to pay off those expenses you can pay some each month and every penny will go toward the principal.. allowing you to get your credit card paid off faster with no interest!

A 0% interest credit card is ideal for those with good to excellent credit who want to have that little extra cushion of spending power for the holiday season.

Get Cash Back on Your Black Friday Purchases:

A cash back credit card can give you cash back on your purchases.. which can help offset some of the interest. This will be even more beneficial if you are able to pay off the card fairly quickly by paying more than the required payment each month.

Credit cards offering cash back are especially good for those who plan to continue using the credit card after the holidays as well.  You will be saving money on the things you buy.. earning cash back on all your purchases throughout the year.

Earn Rewards on Your Black Friday Purchases:

If you are one who likes to plan things out ahead of time, reward credit cards can have many benefits. These cards can turn your holiday spending into valuable points.

You will earn reward points on each dollar you spend on holiday purchases. These points could then be used toward hotel rooms, dining, entertainment, and more on that vacation you have planned for next summer.

Reward credit cards can be extremely beneficial for those who travel a lot.. as well as for those who enjoy shopping. Many reward cards offer you the opportunity to redeem points for gift cards and/or receive discounts on selected merchandise.

Use Your Credit Cards Wisely:

While choosing the right credit cards to meet your family’s needs is important, using your credit cards wisely is the only way to reap the benefits these cards offer.

Don’t charge more than you can afford to pay.. and make sure you are able to make all your credit card payments promptly. It is always best to pay your credit card balance in full each month, but there may be times when this is not always possible.

In this case.. try not to add additional charges to your credit card until you have been able to pay off your last group of charges. Credit card issuers offer these cards to make buying more convenient for you, so it is important to return the favor by using those cards responsibly and wisely. This way both you and the credit card issuer will benefit.

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